Thursday, June 16, 2011

2 Months Old Already!

I can't believe it, but Baby Krew is already 2 months old! Man, time sure does fly when you are so busy with a newborn!!!

Here are his stats:

Weight: 15 lbs, 15 ounces
Height: 25 1/2 inches

He's in the 95th percentile in both. Such a BIG boy (but what did we expect with where he started!)

A little bit about him...

He's definitely been my fussiest child - but he is coming around. I think he was maybe just really hungry and I wasn't feeding him enough! As of right now, he is sleeping pretty consistently from 8pm - 6am, then eats and goes right back to sleep until about 9am. Then, he eats every 2-3 hours during the day until bedtime.

He loves to smile and coo now, which is so fun and LOVES to be held. He is already wearing 6 months clothes and seems to grow out of things in just weeks! He does the best when we are just at home - because it is so hot right now, when we are out and he is in his car-seat he just sweats and sweats!

When he gets mad, he GETS MAD and has a very distinct, low and LOUD cry!

All in all, we love this boy and are having so much fun watching him grow!!!

Krew's Blessing Day

We blessed Baby Krew on Sunday, June 5th at our ward here in Tyler, Texas. It was a special day. Troy gave a great blessing and then we finished off the day with family pictures and a barbecue at our house.

The crazy "Hill clan"

The proud parents

The 3 "Brother Bears"

Grandma & Grandpa Hill

Grandpa Poppers & Grandma Mimmers

Jessica's infamous sugar cookies

The Yummy Cupcakes with Toppers Made by Jess

All in all, we are so happy to have this little guy in our family and feel so blessed to have such great families! Thanks to everyone that came to support us in this special event!

Bubble Party!!!

With Troy's parents, my parents, Christy & Greg and kids, and Jess & Matt and kids all in town, we decided to throw a party to celebrate Baby Krew's birth and his blessing! The party was held at Linda's Backyard Bunch and it was a puppet show and Foam Party.

For the first hour, there was a cute puppet show and then after that, there was a big swimming pool type thing full of bubbles that the kids could play in. They had a blast! Darrin kept saying, "This is SO fun!" They would get covered in bubbles, then come out and run in the field to get some of them off, and then jump right back into the bubbles.

Then, we finished the party off with pizza and ice cream sundaes. It was a BIG hit! Thanks to Linda's Backyard Bunch and everyone that came out to celebrate Baby Krew. We feel blessed to have such great family and friends!


We have a loft area in our upstairs that we decided to turn into the kid's play area where they can watch movies, play with toys, and play video games. So, we went out and bought some big bean bags for them to sit on.

Well, once we got the room together, I found the 3 boys hanging out on the beanbags watching the NBA Playoff game. They then informed me that this is their MAN CAVE and that NO GIRLS ARE ALLOWED! Pretty rude, figuring that I am the ONLY girl in the house!

Hanging out with Mimmers & Poppers

We were so excited to have Grandma Mimmers and Grandpa Poppers come to town to visit us! It was GREAT to see them! One thing we did while they were here was visit the Texas Fresh Water Fisheries in Athens, Texas. It is a fish hatchery that shows some of the biggest fish ever caught, and you can also catch and release fish.

The boys had a grand old time fishing with Grandpa and Dad while Mimmers, Krew and I hung out in the shade.

It was a grand old time!

Darrin & Max in front of the HUGE catfish that you can feed

Max & Grandpa on a Nature Walk

The Infamous Jackhammer!

So, I just had to post this picture that I found on Troy's phone (he took it to send to his brother Daryl to make him jealous). It's called a Jackhammer and it is from Andy's Frozen Custard. Basically, it is frozen custard, blended with whatever toppings you want (this one has cookie dough and reese's peanut butter cups). Then, they drill a hole down the middle of the shake and inject whatever topping you want (in this case, it's liquid peanut butter).

They are VERY tasty and are definitely a stop we have to make whenever people come into town so they can try them out!

Darrin's Pre-K Graduation

Darrin graduated from Pre-Kindergarten at Oak Tree Academy on May 18th! It was a very cute Graduation Ceremony and Darrin did a great job! They sang various songs about things they learned throughout the year.

When they handed out the Diplomas, the teacher announced what each child wanted to be when he or she grows up and Darrin's was that he wanted to be a Football Player. It made his Daddy proud!

I can't believe that Darrin is going to be in Kindergarten and am actually a little scared to send him off to the big elementary school with lots of kids (especially older ones)! But, I think Darrin is excited. He's definitely a little social butterfly and will hopefully make lots of new friends at his new school in August!
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